IV Nutrition Therapy


What is IV Nutrition Therapy?

Verge Vitality introduces one of the few FDA approved IV Nutrition Therapy treatments in the state of Michigan. IV Nutrition is a process where nutrients such as amino acids, minerals and vitamins are administered safety and comfortable into the blood stream. It is used to correct intracellular nutrient deficiencies where oral administration is not possible due to damage of the digestive processes.

What type of nutrients are in the treatment?

No one treatment is the same here, each cocktail is specifically crafted to the patient and their desired needs. You can expect that a lot of treatments will include nutrients such as XXXX.

Who could benefit from this treatment?

Each interested patient will be assessed to ensure that IV nutrition is a fit for them through a pre-screening process in person before the treatment occurs. While most individuals will benefit from the treatment, we do see that it is a well-suited approach for those who live an active or high stress lifestyle as follows:

How does a session work?

You will be surrounded in a very relaxing and peaceful environment for the treatment. Our facility was specifically created with specially crafted rooms for the treatments in mind. You will have a relaxing and re-energizing experience as you sit in our comfortable reclining chairs and feel free to read a book, listen to music or play on your iPad if you choose to bring it!

Do I need to prep before my session?

Please take note of any allergies you may have to let us know before the session. Please take note of any medicines you may be taking, including any supplements to let us know before the session.

It is advised that you try you to be well hydrated before your session. If you are a diabetic, it is advised that you eat before your session and bring snacks as some infusions can impact blood sugar.